What is your value add?

What is your value add?

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a leader in an organization, or just an individual contributor, having a clear understanding of what value you are adding is one of the most important things you can know. Too many individuals and organizations are lacking that understanding of what makes them valuable. I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject lately, and I thought it was a good question for the new blog.

There are a few things to keep in mind when doing these kinds of thought exercises:

  • The answer itself isn’t as important as actually knowing the answer
  • There are no right or wrong answers
  • It is about getting you to stop and think things through

What’s My Value

To start with, ask a simple question: “Do I (or my team) add value in my current role?“. Hopefully, the answer to this questions is yes, but if the answer to it is no, then maybe you need to step back and do a much larger evaluation. Use this answer to prompt you to think about what you are actually bringing to the table.

Once you know the answer to the first question, it’s time to ask the much tougher one to answer: “What is the value the I bring to the table?“. It may seem like there is an obvious answer, but a lot of people are unable to answer this without a lot of thought. Therefore, remember that is the purpose behind this post and this series. I want to encourage you to stop and ask yourself/your team those tough questions.

Additional Questions

  • Is your value added by you individually, or as part of a team?
  • Is your value add something you want it to be?
  • How easily could your value add be replaced or upgraded?
  • How could you prevent being replaced?

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