The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change

A little over a year ago I decided to leave the corporate world, and launch my own consulting firm, The QA Consultancy. Today I am announcing the closure of that very same firm. This is the story of what happened.

When I left HomeAdvisor to launch The QA Consultancy, I did so with the idea that we would focus on helping teams and organizations with their QA-specific needs, specifically on the leadership side. This felt like a good idea at the time, as it seemed that every organization that I went into was struggling with the same issues. What I have learned since that time is that the challenges run much deeper and wider than just being a QA-specific need, and so the very nature of TQAC was preventing us from being considered as an option.

Before I formally launched the company, I struggled to decide on a name for this new venture, and one of the main reasons was because I felt that it was too restrictive in terms of what value we could bring to the table. Having been in field now for over a year, I have come to see that it was indeed too restrictive, but not in any one way. Rather, it has been restrictive across a number of channels and opportunities, so much so that I tried launching a separate brand (AutomateROCKET)just to attract the market segments that did not really need QA help. This helped to some degree, but it also fragmented my approach and client base, and was ultimately just a band-aid to the real problem.

Another challenge that I ran into was that the QA industry and community wasn’t really interested in talking about things that weren’t at the individual contributor level, and as such, received much more push-back than I expected. I even had a very well respected member of the QA community tell me that he didn’t think what I was doing would work, and for thinking that it would, I was “irrationally confident, and that annoyed him”. That encounter stuck with me, and prompted me to re-think this whole approach. Not because I thought that idea was bad or wrong…quite the opposite actually. I felt even more strongly that the direction I was going in was needed, and added a tremendous amount of value. What I needed though was to take it out from under the restrictive, and mostly negative connotations of QA, and reframe it. Perception is everything, and the perception I had wasn’t working…

That brings us to today. The QA Consultancy and AutomateROCKET service offerings are being rolled into a brand new consulting company that is targeting a much broader vision. One that is geared for those larger/harder conversations that QA is typically left out of. That’s the arena we want to be in. If this doesn’t make any sense, that’s ok…that’s the point of this whole rebrand. We want to help people think about their businesses in a way that challenges their perspectives. We want to help them see things from a viewpoint that is a little…irrational.

In addition to the new name for the consulting arm, I am also launching a blog that will be dedicated to helping spread this new approach. For a long time, I was content to sell my content and ideas for others to publish in an effort to get my thoughts out in the wild, but ultimately, all that did was let them co-opt my ideas without fully understanding them in the way that I did. So going forward, the only place you will be able to find my content will be right here. I am also planning a podcast to go along with this blog, so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks.

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