Lost Your 'Flow?

Let us help you find it again


Knowing how you do ‘You’ is key to your long term success, however, so few actually have a consistent repeatable process that is clearly ‘Them’. We specialize in helping organizations ‘find their ‘flow’.


If you are a new startup or even an established company that has not yet reached the need for a full-time head of QA, then our need-based service is the perfect solution for you


We believe that one of the key aspects to having a successful organization is based on having a solid understanding of what your ultimate goals are, and what you need to do in order to get to them.

About Us

Consulting firms are everywhere, 
and their numbers just keep growing…

Irrational Consulting is not one of them. Our focus is on helping you with the organizational and leadership aspects that are much needed in today’s fast-paced environments.

At Irrational, efficiency is our passion. We were started with the mission of helping clients build the very best organizations they can, and we do that by finding the most efficient processes and workflows possible.

Whether you are an existing company that needs to reinvent their approach, or are looking for help finding ‘You’, we can help. We are firm believers that every client is unique, and has their own challenges, and thus should be treated accordingly. We tailor our approach to each situation specifically around what makes the most sense for the client, taking both the short-term and long-term needs into account.


Who We Are

Jon has helped build and lead a wide variety of teams across all aspects of Development over the past 11 years, and recently launched Irrational Consulting, which specializes in helping organizations improve their overall quality, efficiency & scalability. Having worked with organizations like HomeAdvisor, ScrippsNetworks, and Victoria’s Secret in the past, Jon has battle-tested his sometimes unique approach in some incredibly demanding environments.

Jon Robinson

Owner / Executive Consultant

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